About me

As an experienced Senior Order Fulfillment Specialist, my skillset has been tailored to becoming an effective Project Manager.

My Bachelor’s degree is Management, and I recently acquired my PMP Certification, so I bring a comprehensive set of skills that I believe will be valuable to any organization. I have been able to not only acquire explicit knowledge but also implicit knowledge.

While working at Spectrum I honed my abilities in project management and process improvement, providing a firm foundation for the Project Manager position. My communication, people-centric nature, and compassion have afforded me excellent teamwork skills. I am excited to contribute my talents and proficiency in critical thinking toward your team efforts. As an engaging communicator with a proven track record in quality control, my focus on building strong professional relationships has been a beneficial asset throughout my career.

Over my last ten years, at Spectrum, I have worn a myriad of hats and excelled each time.